Ashley Graham Goes All-Out Against Body Shamers on the Internet


The internet may be a wonderful invention, however, it also comes with one major flaw: it allows people to say ridiculous and hurtful things without thinking about the consequences. Nonetheless, this didn’t stop Ashley Graham from slamming numerous body shamers that relentlessly post negative comments on account of her weight and body size.

Graham has been in the business for quite some time. She’s been a model since 2000, while her very first modeling deal was a year later with Wilhelmina Models, in a shoot for Hair Extensions Sydney. By now, most of us are used to her curvaceous body and amazingly hot shape, however, some people just can’t accept the idea of plus size modeling.

When Ashley posted her Swimsuits for All collection photos on her Instagram profile, there was a multitude of comments that negatively addressed her body shape.

For example, one commenter claimed that the next trend of fashion for big girls would be type II diabetes. Those of us who suffer from this condition know how serious and dangerous it can be, which is exactly why comments like these are extremely harsh.

Another person praised the collection, but said that they could never fathom promoting obesity as a positive phenomenon.

This lead the famous model to post a couple of stories on her profile in which she asked her followers to avoid making hurtful remarks. She said that it’s not OK to comment about a person’s health in relation to their appearance.

In her own words, Ashley Graham almost demanded that her followers don’t make comments on her page about health, especially if it’s not regarding their own body. Furthermore, she explained that a person’s health is their business and their business only, while also saying that nobody should project their insecurities onto others because beauty can be found in all sizes and shapes.

This isn’t the first time the model has gone head-to-head with internet trolls and online body shamers. Exactly one year ago, she was criticized for “promoting obesity” and being “too curvy.” In response, she wrote an essay in Lenny Letter, saying that she is more than just her measurements and that she isn’t Ashley Graham because she’s curvy.

Graham also stated that her body was controlled, manipulated, and picked apart by people who don’t understand it and that her career has given her an opportunity to make a difference.

Being a body-positive role model for women isn’t an easy part to play, but Ashley certainly knows how to wear anything from gorgeous bathing suits to the role of a warrior against body shamers. In any case, she’s one of those people all of us should look up to.