Colombian beauty, Sofia Vergara Has Revealed Her Food And Fitness Regime


The Colombian beauty, Sofia Vergara certainly has one of the most toned bodies in the Hollywood. The actress is best-known for her role on Modern Family (an American comedy TV series). According to Sofia Vergara, women are not encouraged in maintaining an organised fitness routine in traditional Colombian culture. And, that’s why she was never encouraged to practice any fitness activity when she was growing up. However, her fellow actor cum fitness fanatic i.e. Joe Manganiello motivated her in strictly maintaining a regular fitness routine. The Colombian beauty has also revealed that the inspiration behind her health and fitness is — her fiance Joe Manganiello. Luckily for Sofia Vergara, her fiance has already installed a bespoke and fully equipped gym in their Beverly Hills mansion where the beautiful actress can enjoy all of the available fitness facilities.

The actress has also mentioned that meeting Joe Manganiello has completely changed her whole approach towards health. Presently, she maintains a regular fitness schedule and practices exercises (around three – four times per week) under the guidance and supervision of a personal trainer.

She has also stated that — practicing workouts on a regular basis seemed to be a hectic torture for her (during the initial days). It was quite irritating for her to undergo two-hour fitness workout sessions on every week. However, the actress slowly yet gradually accepted this routine. Today, it has become an integral part of her life. And, she has understood that her fitness regime is extremely important to her health. But, the actress does not aim to achieve a perfect or well-shaped body just like any fitness model. Rather, she performs workouts or follows her fitness regime for a refreshing perspective.

At the age of 28, she was diagnosed with a thyroid cancer. The actress had undergone a medical surgery in order to remove it. She was also prescribed some medications that would control her hormones. Following her medical surgery, the actress became extremely serious about her diet. During that time, she used to intake highly nutritious food (including shots of spinach) in order to boost her immune system. However, she doesn’t follow such a strict diet chart anymore. Rather, she now follows a more relaxed diet chart that features a perfect blend of health, taste, and nutritional values.

During the weekdays, Sofia Vergara mostly eats egg whites with fresh vegetables or avocado and wheat toast for her breakfast. And, during the weekends, she prefers to eat anything that she wants to.