Could Your Relationship Status Be Shortening your Lifespan?


Research conducted recently has confirmed that loneliness is a phenomenon that can lead to death.Brigham Young University researchers carried out two- meta analyses which proved that loneliness is such a wanting scenario that can have detrimental effects on our general health.

One of the meta- analyses concentrated on approximately 34 million individuals collectively across several continents, precisely Asia, Europe, US and Australia. Results of the studies confirmed that living alone, isolation as well as loneliness in general all had a consequential and equal effect on risk associated with premature death.

The research in fact confirmed that the risks of premature death associated with loneliness are likely to be greater when compared with effect of some of the other common risk factors such as obesity. This is indeed confirmed that loneliness can therefore turnout to be a devastating issue if ignored or not controlled early. For this reason, always make it a habit of frequently taking a mental health day so that you can know if you’ re suffering from any disorder brought about by loneliness.

Why Do You Require Taking a Mental Health Day?

The researchers’ other meta- analysis concluded that greater social connectivity is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of risks associated with early death. The research found that social connection can combat loneliness and thus end up improving the health of the victim.

Socializing with other people from time to time is one of the fundamental human requirements crucial to survival and well- being in general. Extreme example of proving this concluded that infants separated from others or put in custodial care lack human contact. In the long run they fail to thrive and in most cases die.

According to Dr Julianne Holt- Lunstad, a psychologist at Brigham Young University, solitary confinement or social isolation is one of the most brutal forms of punishment being applied by most countries across the globe.

Cases associated with loneliness are growing at an alarming rate in Australia. Research conducted a year ago found that approximately 80 percent of Australians believe that this society we’re residing in is becoming day by day a lonelier place; with 60 percent of the respondent claiming that they usually feel lonely.

It is therefore ideal for people to have established social networks so that they can hassle free tackle the factors associated with loneliness.

Last, but definitely not least, if you’ re a victim if loneliness, you are advised to seek for the help of a health professional so that you can be advised appropriately. For suicide or crisis prevent support, kindly do not hesitate calling Lifeline in 13 11 14. Thank you.

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