Why Millennials are Spending Less Time in Bed


Reports show that there is something missing out in the life of millennials and that is sex. A survey done of 1,162 men and women who were married said that nearly 52% of them wanted to have more of sex. Also, majority of the respondents revealed having sex many times a week prior to their marriage and also reported about these levels dropping down to around 43% after their marriage. Sexual desire is simply the urge to have sex and is experienced by every person. There are many reasons for this urge and that could be for reproduction, pleasure or even relieving stress.

The reasons vary from person to person and varies differently during different age groups. The need to have sex for an adult is quite different from that of a teenager. But the number of times people have sex gets dropped after marriage, according to a report. There could be many reasons for this drop, but the main reason is a fast and busy life.

The reasons could also be:

Tiredness: Physical exhaustion is the main reason wherein a person is more likely to have no interest and desire for sex.

Bad habits: Drinking alcohol can also affect one’s sex life adversely as it cuts down the functional level in individuals and affects a person’s sexual abilities negatively. Alcohol can have an adverse effect oh health and a good health is very important for a good sexual life.

Social media: This is very common in today’s generations as technology is slowly replacing intimate and private moments. Emailing, calls, chats, games and television could keep one completely off from having sex.

Stress: Today’s competitive world is likely to impose a lot of stressful events in a person’s life. This increases the stress levels and a person will not be able to open up emotionally and physically in a state where his mind is not at peace.

Men are definitely more likely to want sex more often as compared to women. The reason isn’t the lack of interest and desire but the above mentioned reasons are responsible for a badly affected sex life.

Most often it is believed that age gaps can affect sexual relations. But this is actually not very true as age has very less to do with sex. Yes, the marriage of a person can get affected if the age difference is too much because the older one will definitely want a matured partner and the younger one will want someone to share everything, but these differences are overcome when it comes to sex and people with age gaps too can have good sexual relations.

A recent research says that quite a lot of people are happy in their married lives and have a good sexual life even after years of marriage and are even more happier from the time before marriage which indicates a good love life.